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Nominated for the Daily DOOH

Today, December 1st, the trade association Daily DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) will  appoint the winners in several categories in London. The Kärcher campaing has been nominated in the category best billboard campaign in shopping malls / stores.

– It is very nice to one of the nominees in the final of a competition where all the major players in digital signage are involved, says Smart Signs Sales Director Daniel Pettersson. Obviously our innovative solution stands out of the crowd.

In the Clas Ohlson store there is a bracket solution from SMS Smart Media Solutions together with a display from NEC. Everything is controlled by software from Smart Sign. In the display rack the product from Kärcher is displayed: window washing liquid. There also is a pane where the customers can try washing windows. Two sensors are built into the screen. A sensor reacts when someone approaches the stand.  The message changes then to a more customized information. A sensor reacts when someone lifts the window washing product. An instruction for how to test it on the glass pane is then shown.

– The Smart Signs software built in to the screen interacts with the customer. It is a funny and innovative solution which we believe attracts more people to buy, says Daniel Pettersson.

Diana Plahn, Lead Engineer Tailored at SMS, who designed the construction adds that “it is an advantage that it is possible to pick a product off the shelf. It is important not to lose the customer’s interest and desire to buy. “