Tailored to your needs

We created the product category Tailored when we realized there was a need on the market for fully customized solutions. Products that can be customized to the environment, target audience, brand and message.

Thanks to well-established working procedures, we have succeeded in making the process both time and cost-efficient. In other words, by working with our engineers and designers, you can get exactly the solution you need – when you need it.

Get in touch using our Tailored request form below to tell us all about your idea and we’ll get back to you asap with the next steps in making your project a reality!

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Design process

The need

What do we really need?
What is our budget?
What is the timeframe?

Together with the customer we put
together the Tailored Solution Proposal

The solution

We set the schedule and time plan.

We start development of one or several concepts.

We begin prototype development and produce the prototype.

The delivery

We follow up shipment with selected channel partners to ensure the delivery has been made according to plan.

We assist during the installation and with any questions that may arise.