• In general

    Who can shop at SMS Smart Media Solutions?
    SMS products are sold via partner distributors. You as a registered customer can shop directly from us.

    Contact the distributor nearest to you in your country.

    Private individual?
    We do not sell to consumers; check with a distributor in your country and you will be notified about a reseller near you.

    What are the opening hours at SMS Smart Media Solutions?
    SMS is normally open from Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm (closed for lunch between 12 noon and 1 pm). You can contact us by e-mail via order@smsevoko.com or by telephone 08-448 26 60.

  • What is suitable?

    I want to install a heavy display on a plaster wall/thin/fragile wall. Do you have any tips?
    Presence Wall/Floor
    Func Wall/Floor
    (also SMS X WFH S, however max weight is 50 kg and it is not recommended for touch screens)

    What kind of floor stands / wall brackets do you recommended for touch displays?
    The Presence series, FUNC seriesMultimount series, LFD Pro. Our H- and X-series are not made for touch screens and are not recommended for such use.

    I have a very high ceiling and I need an extra-long ceiling mount for my display. What would be suitable?
    Take a look at our Func CH VST2. It has an extension tube that reaches as far down as 7.5 metres from the ceiling.

    I have a floor stand on wheels from the SMS X-series, but I want to switch to having feet/pads instead. Can I do that?
    Yes, there is an accessory called an SMS Feet Set, PD100011. It contains four feet.

    How do I know what my stand measures?
    All technical data can be found on the product sheet for each product. Refer to the relevant product page. You will also find a technical drawing with dimensions.

    How do I know which stand is suitable for my display ?
    If you have the weight on the screen and the perforated pattern (VESA) for the screws at the back of the screen, you can easily see on each product page how the screen fits. Feel free to telephone us if you are not sure, + 46 (0)8 448 26 60.

    How heavy display can I hang on an SMS stand?
    It is important that you check the maximum load for each product since the stress calculations for the stand are done according to the given weight classifications. Of course, the products are designed with the prescribed safety margins in mind; however, for safe use these should not be overloaded. SMS offers no guarantee if the stand is improperly loaded. More information about maximum weights can be found on the respective product page.

    How do I hang the display vertically on a floor stand?
    For the H series, you can order the SMS H2 Unislide Vertical (PL210240/PL210241). The X-series carriage (SMS X H Unislide) that comes standard with the delivery of, e.g., SMS X FH, can be installed vertically.

    Does SMS have lockable wall brackets for thin displays ?
    Yes, e.g. Func Bracky, Func Bracky XL, Func Verty, SMS Multi Display WallSMS Multi Display Wall Tilt, SMS Multi Display Wall+, and SMS Multi Display Wall XL.



  • Item numbers

    Certain item numbers have the “EU” designation. What does that mean?
    It means that it comes with an EU electrical contact that is located in the column. Item numbers without “EU” in their designation do not have this contact. They are produced for countries with other types of electrical outlets.

  • Supplements

    I have an SMS WM 3D wall bracket and the vertical rails that attach to the screen have been lost. Can I order new ones?
    Yes, you can order a new set of rails - PL210235 for black, PL210236 for silver and PL210237 for white rails.

  • Modifications to existing products

    Can the X-column be cut?
    No, cutting is not recommended?

    Can the column for the SMS Projector CL F be cut?

    Can the column for the SMS Projector CL V be cut?

    Can the column for the H-series be cut?
    Yes. It is made completely from aluminium.

    Can the column for the M-series be cut?
    Yes. It is made completely from aluminium.

    Can I attach the carriage wherever I want on the column (H-column/M-column/X-column)?
    Yes, it is continuously variable on the H and M-columns. The X column has an incremental attachment along the length of the column.

    Is the X column available in black?

  • Deliveries

    Can I come to you and collect the products I have ordered?
    No, we have our central warehouse in Kungälv, Sweden.

    How do I go about acknowledging that I have received delivery of my order?
    Once you receive your delivery, you must acknowledge and approve it. Before you sign off on the delivery by acknowledging the waybill, you must verify that the goods are undamaged.

    What size of screws come with the SMS Projector Unislide?
    M3x40, M4x40, M5x40, M6x40 (4 pcs in each size). Read more on the product page.

    What size of screws come with the SMS Projector Short Throw Unislide?
    M4x35, M6x35 (4 pcs in each size). Read more on the product page.

    What size of screws come with the SMS WM 3D?
    M4x16, M6x16, M6x30 and M8x20. Read more on the product page.

  • Returns / complaints

    What is the SMS Smart Media Solutions return policy?

    No products/deliveries may be returned without first contacting SMS and obtaining a return number, or RMA. Only then can products be returned. The return must be labelled in accordance with SMS instructions so that the dispatch is properly handled. If this is not done, SMS cannot replace the product.

    How to claim damaged goods:

    1. All goods received have to be signed for. However if the goods are damaged you have to make a note on the delivery note. Therefore always inspect the received goods before you sign the receipt, otherwise there is no valid documentation for a claim against any party.

    2. Please take photos of the packing material and the damaged goods and enclose it to your claim.

    3. Keep product and packaging material until the claim has been settled.

    4. All damages must be reported within three days.


    For more information please contact claim@smsevoko.com

  • Warranty

    What guarantee does SMS offer on its products?
    Properly assembled, all of the SMS mechanical products are guaranteed for five years, and our motorised products are guaranteed for two years. Here you will find our warranty terms.

  • Motorized products

    I have purchased a Remote Control (AE018002). How do I connect it to my motorised stand?
    This product, AE018002, includes the remote control itself (RF-based) and a receiver (a little black box). The receiver is connected to the control box, CBD6, to which the hand controller is otherwise connected. The receiver has a hidden button in a little hole. Push the end of a paper clip into this hole while you simultaneously press the keypad on the remote control. (The corded hand controller that comes with the stand must be removed). Then the remote control and the CBD4 unit can form a connection.

    I have a motorised product with a problem. What do I do?
    Always begin with a calibration/reset of the system.
    1) Turn off the power supply and let the unit rest for a minute.

    While the power is turned off,

    1) Disconnect the unit from the power outlet; leave for one minute.

    While the power is off, press the white buttons on the corded hand control unit a few times in order to discharge any residual power in the control box.
    2) Reconnect the power cables.
    3) Check all cables and ensure they are connected properly.
    4) Press the "down" button. The system descends to the lowest point. Release the "down" button and then press and hold it again for 20 seconds. The system should “nod” slightly to indicate that the system has been reset. This may be all that is necessary to get the unit to work again.