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Pick'n'mix for a tailored solution. A professional modular system, developed to offer tailored solutions for extremely large and heavy displays. The series is based on our appreciated flexible solutions for videowalls, while focusing on obtaining maximal stability for large and heavy displays - up to VESA 900 x 900 and 200 kg.
Pick'n'mix to find the perfect solution that exactly fits your needs.
Step 1: select a wall bracket that is suitable for the weight and size of the display.
Step 2: select a display fixture that is suitable for the display and provides the functions you require. Choose between:

  • Landscape or portrait mode
  • With tilt, or without tilt
  • An ergonomic click locking system for large displays which minimizes the risk of demounting the display by mistake.

The vertical bars are easy to insert and remove, and the accurate pre-assembly ensures that all modules are easy to mount and install. The solution is universal.

Please observe that two article numbers are required for a complete product, one for the selected wall rails and one for the display fitting.


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