Casing Wall

Give people a good sign

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Casing Wall

Excellent choice for the lobby, stairway, next to the elevators - or anywhere the public should be met with information or engaging messages. A perfect way to show the list of tenants in a corporate or residential building. The display will be covered from all sides.
The product is a wall installation for one display, and the display mount is integrated in the casing.

Landscape or portrait? Yes, both!
The SMS Casing Wall can be used both in landscape and portrait orientation, simply choose when mounting.

Choose glass, or no glass.
When ordering, you can choose polycarbonate glass in front of the display to give protection, prevent the public from tampering with the display and allow for easy cleaning. Or, you can order a version without front glass.

Safety First
Hidden cable outlets minimize the risk of someone accessing the display, and the product is locked with safety screws (included).




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