Tipster Multiuse Shelf

Clever and versatile for maximum functionality.

Tipster Multiuse Shelf

Could this be our most genius shelf accessory yet? Yes, we think so! It is definitely the most versatile. The SMS Tipster Multiuse Shelf gives you big functionality in a small shelf.
When mounting, you can choose which side of the shelf should be up. It looks just as good on the back as on the front of the Tipster 2 Floorstand. You can even mount this adaptable and flexible shelf in a standing position for a closed laptop or tablet.
The perforated holes in the metal shelf are excellent for ventilation. Should you want to fasten your equipment with cable ties, the perforated holes will also come in handy (cable ties not incl.). Stepless and tool-free positioning, as well as a slot for cables, just add further to this brilliant accessory. The SMS Tipster Multiuse Shelf will give you maximum functionality. Measure 504 x 256 mm.




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