Projector Short Throw V+

For the very best image quality

A versatile bracket for short-throw projection

Projector Short Throw V+

A wall bracket with generous adjustment facilities to obtain the best possible image quality at all positions. The projector can be suspended at any location along the pillar for depth adjustment. Furthermore, the wall plate can be adjusted both horizontally andvertically. Fine adjustment is very easy with the aid of adjustment knobs on the universal slide.

To get a complete product two articles are required:

  • One article including the wall bracket and Short Throw unislide
  • One article including the projector pillar (in proper length):
    • FS000450AW-P2 SMS Proj ShortThrow 450 A/W
    • FS000680AW-P2 SMS Proj ShortThrow 680 A/W
    • FS001202AW-P2 SMS Proj ShortThrow 1200 A/W
    • FS001450AW-P2 SMS Proj ShortThrow 1450 A/W
    • FS001600AW-P2 SMS Proj ShortThrow 1600 A/W

To find out if this projector bracket fits your projector, please read our guide.

Black version of this product is discontinued. Contact SMS for stock balance.




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