Casing Ceiling Top Mounted

Try it back to back!

A versatile ceiling mount for indoor digital signage

Casing Ceiling Top Mounted

Meet and inspire your visitors with attractive content inside the shopping mall, in the hotel lobby or at the airport. Use a high-brightness display to pull customers in from the street, and a standard display to present product info and promotions in the store.
Put two displays in a back-to-back Casing Ceiling Top Mounted, or use the single version if one display is all you need.
This elegant casing is very versatile. Select either landscape or portrait orientation, and pick from the two available sizes: 43" and 55".
The product can be hung from ceiling with wire or ceiling bracket (not included), depending on the needs of your installation. It is designed in stainless steel and aluminum, with cable management through the ceiling pipes into the casing. The casing covers the bezel, side and backside of the displays.
Available in white, dark grey, or black.

NB! For installation with ceiling bracket, use our extendable pipe Func CH VST – TMC 




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