Casing Frame

Blend in or pop out?

A versatile range of frames for digital signage

Casing Frame

The Casing Frame is a simple yet powerful product to make your display blend in or pop out. Perfect for digital signage in retail areas as well as in boardrooms, lobbies or conference rooms where you want a more non displayish type of look.

Smart and quick to install
A smart and easy installation, with non-visible fasteners.

Cost efficient to ship
The Casing Frame comes in separate parts to make the package small and therefore makes the product eco-friendly and cost efficient to distribute and ship.

Looking good 
The Casing Frame can be used on wall installations with for example the SMS Func Bracky range, and on ceiling installations with for example the Func CHVST2 range. It also works nicely in combination with the SMS floorstands - why not the Presence series, or the Tipster 2 Floorstand?




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