Peggy One

Peggy One is a product made to encourage collaboration, engagement and equality within teams, no matter where individuals are located. With this product you can seamlessly integrate your equipment and use it in all parts of the office space.

Designed for the new normal

The hybrid model is transforming how we work and what our office looks like. The ordinary meeting rooms still play an essential role, but team collaboration and creative interactions outside the meeting rooms are just as important. With a clear focus on mobility and flexibility, Peggy One is designed to simplify and enhance everyday work, in all parts of the office space.

A flexible product for all spaces

While the amount of equipment on ordinary stands are limited, the large mounting interface on Peggy One can carry everything you need. You can use our flexible brackets and accessories to fasten your gear, or simply secure equipment directly to the panel.

With a wide range of accessories, you can easily create exactly what you need – a fully dedicated unit loaded with task specific equipment or an inclusive all-round setup with both digital and analog tools, fit for everyone to use.

With mobility in focus

Sometimes a focused meeting room atmosphere is needed, but on other occasions the comfort of the lounge sofas is just as important. With the mobility of Peggy One, sharing equipment between office areas is easy. This reduces the need for fixed installations with expensive AV equipment – beneficial for both wallet and environment. Large wheels and oversized handles make this product easy to move around and with the possibility to integrate battery power, a fully mobile experience is finally within reach.

Are you as excited about this product as we are?

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