Department store NK – eye-catching digital signage in iconic environment.

Customized video walls for department store Nordiska Kompaniet in cooperation with LG Electronics.

The luxury department store on Hamngatan, Stockholm, opened in 1915. Ever since, many iconic personalities have visited and exclusive launches have taken place here.

When Nordiska Kompaniet needed help to visualize the launch of their autumn campaign with the theme innovation, we were quick to say yes. From the start customer need stated that the digital content had to be visible from the main entrance of the mall and eye-catching for people passing by from the street. The department store asked for a temporary and movable installation for their two stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg to be used during the specific autumn campaign period.

Together with LG Electronics we delivered no less than six customized and modular video walls, carrying 0,9 millimeter thin LCD displays with 4K resolution from LG. The products are examples from our Tailored option and can be seen at the two department stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg during the entire campaign period.

Photo: LG Electronics

Read about our Tailored catergory.

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