Information and guidance

Why do we retain information in certain environments and not in others? How do we find the right path or location? That and many other things, depend on how the information is presented.

How, where and in what way information is placed is often as important as the content. For example, for an information board to be able to do its job, it must be visible and clear in its environment, which is easier said than done.

Information screens and guidance for all environments

SMS has extensive experience with solutions for information displays, guidance and digital signage within public environments. We know what to think about when placing and highlighting screens and we have a variety of products that can be adapted to each sites unique circumstances.

This could be a flexible system for digital signage in indoor environments such as, shopping malls and stores, or the encapsulation of screens in sensitive outdoor environments. Digital guidance, such as map features on interactive displays, is a growing requirement.

Learn more below about what we offer within information and guidance and read about how we have helped our customers create unique solutions.