Ergonomic and economic screen solutions that facilitate learning

The world of education is undergoing rapid changes at every level. Digital is becoming increasingly important, both as a field of knowledge and a pedagogical method. Because of this, screens play a more central role.

Screen solutions have always played an important role within education. But as technology develops, screens become more than that: they become natural and important parts of all education. SMS works with products specifically designed for screens, projectors, and interactive whiteboards within the education sector.

More flexible facilities

In some cases, we provide tools that facilitate learning. In other cases, we make the facilities more flexible – for example by using mobile stands for screens or smart wall mounts for projectors and interactive boards.

But regardless of the application, what all our products have in common is that they are ergonomically designed and easy to use. Through a variety of possible adjustments, vertically and horizontally, many solutions can be used in different contexts, and in combination with different approaches.

Learn more about what products we offer to the education sector below.