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Serving volunteers

80 percent of sea rescue missions in Sweden are done by a driving force of dedicated volunteers. The Swedish Sea Rescue Society recieves no government funding for operating their complex – and often time dangerous – efforts to keep people from getting into trouble at sea. It felt extra good for SMS to be able to help these heroic people when they reached out to us about a need for a screen installment.

They called out for an educational screen

These rescuers operate on Stockholm waters. They are financed by membership fees, donations and voluntary work. Recently they acquired a new station, which is in fact an old boat that used to host a fully fledged restaurant. Even so, it is small for the purpose of educating staff, sometimes 25 people at a time. For these get-togethers they needed a large screen that could provide visual aid in education and be easily elevated depending on crowd size. When we heard about this we instantly thought of one of our exhibition models that had got back from a fair abroad.

A challenge surfaces

However, the needs were more specific than what was anticipated at first. This boat has thin aluminum walls that weren’t enough to support a heavy screen and floorstand, which do need to be secured to a wall.

To row this ashore, it took some extra effort which SMS engineer Slobodan Konjhodzic gladly put in. After one weekend of designing, he came up with a tailored made floor plate that could carry the installation just as good as a wall attachment. He also threw in a rounded design to follow the shape of the boat, just for good measure.

Even more people got onboard

Our production partner called Metallprodukter also wanted to help out and  after a phone call they went to produce this new floor plate – pro bono. Everyone benefitted from this since we like to challenge ourselves and learn to tackle new customer needs, we felt it was useful practice. For The Sea Rescue Society all of this was of the utmost satisfaction. We went to visit them recently and they gladly told us they enjoy being able to have their traning sessions powered by visual aid and having people sitting in a cinema-like seating setup.

Floor piece