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Press Release for EVER Stands

EVER Floor Stands from SMS Smart Media Solutions: Make Your Presentations Stand Out

SMS Smart Media Solutions, a leading provider of innovative AV solutions, unveils its new EVER floor stands, crafted for long-lasting excellence in AV presentations. Designed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic work environments, EVER floor stands seamlessly integrate displays in various sizes with other presentation equipment, offering a truly exceptional versability.

“At the heart of EVER floor stands lies a true commitment to innovation, sustainability, and timeless design,” says Marcus Bodin, CEO of SMS Smart Media Solutions. “These stands are not just about functionality; they embody our values and our dedication to creating products that last.”

EVER stands are meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday use, ensuring years of reliable performance. Their robust construction, upgrade possibilities and attention to every detail guarantee exceptional durability, making them the ideal choice for demanding professional environments.

– EVER stands are the most user-friendly, mobile, and environmentally friendly stands we have ever created, says Mikael Järvin, Product & Development Manager. Designed with an emphasis on sustainability and futureproofing, EVER stands are crafted with a minimalist look that fits seamlessly into any environment. With a wide selection of metal, wood, and textile materials and a creative customization option, creating a personalized stand has never been easier.

Key Features of EVER Floor Stands:

  • Space Clever: EVER stands offer true mobility, allowing users to use their workspace more effectively and boost collaboration.
  • Smart inside and inviting outside: A smart design hides the tech and makes installation easy, resulting in a clean and inviting stand with a consistent design.
  • Future adapted design: EVER stands are flexible, upgradeable, long-lasting, and customizable, ensuring they can adapt to changing needs and stay in use longer.
  • Create your own style: Besides our beautiful standard version, we offer customizable colors, cover options, and design elements. Creating a custom look has never been easier.
  • Modularity:  Our innovative modular system provides a uniform design throughout the entire range and make sure all stands function the same way. Knowing one you know them all.

EVER stands
 are the ideal solution for forward-thinking businesses and organizations looking for exceptional presentation solutions for their current workspace, but also want their future needs covered.

About SMS Smart Media Solutions
SMS Smart Media Solutions is a leading provider of innovative AV solutions, empowering businesses, and organizations to excel in their communication and collaboration efforts. SMS Smart Media Solutions is specialized in manufacturing mounts, stands, and casings manufactured in Europe. Through a commitment to exceptional quality, user-friendly designs, and sustainable practices, SMS Smart Media Solutions is shaping the future of AV technology.