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SMS tailor-made projects with Visual Art

“To turn our digital signage solutions into reality, we need experts like the team at SMS who offers smart ways to mount digital signage. The best results come from close collaboration”. – Peter Almberger, Supply Chain Manager at Visual Art.

Working with large scale digital signage requires innovation, flexibility and knowledge. Visual Art are leading experts within business-driven digital signage solutions and we at SMS offer smart ways to mount digital signage. Our combined expertise gives us the possibility to deliver groundbreaking digital signage tailored after the customer’s needs.

“Collaborating with Visual Art is always a creative and exciting process where we work closely together to find the perfect solution”, says Jonas Håkansson, Product Manager at SMS. “Together we have produced several tailored digital signage solutions in Sweden for customers like ICA Supermarket, GB and Apotek Hjärtat. When updating our casing range for ICA we were given the challenge to create a versatile solution for a specific display model that needed to work with different installation conditions such as wall and ceiling installation, landscape and portrait orientation. They also needed to be quickly and easily installed.
Together with Visual Art we managed to create a very flexible solution that combines a front and back casing in a clever way, making it possible to adapt the solution to each installation. By making it custom made we could deliver versatile and easily installed digital signage to be used in stores all over the country.”

Flexibility of SMS

At SMS we love a good challenge. What makes SMS unique is that we can deliver high-quality, tailored solutions even in larger volumes. This is made possible by our large core supply and top tier in-house engineers. Having people in-house means we have the right knowledge available and can work closely with our partners. This is also true on the production side where strong relationships with our suppliers also helps in the making of a smooth work flow.