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SMS Insights with Mikael Järvin, Product Manager

With a background in energy, Mikael Järvin has been at SMS since 2012. As Product Manager Mikael oversees the product portfolio and it’s developments, launches and information. When he is not working he is with his two small kids and does work on their house that is an ongoing renovation project.

What are you working on at the moment?

I work with the product portfolio and make sure it is up to date and relevant. A lot of my job is to create the best possible conditions for everyone to follow our existing roadmaps.The key is for everyone from product development to sales, marketing and support to have as good information available as possible at all times to make sure we can give our customers a great experience and give our products the attention they deserve. It is all very dependent on where we are in our launch cycles.

What makes working at SMS fun?

We are a great team with highly motivated, curious and helpful employees and we also have the fortune to work with partners that complement us very well. I like how innovative it is. We dare to act fast on current trends, customer requests and ideas we believe in.

What trends have you noticed that are affecting SMS at the moment?

Covid-19 has of course had a huge impact on our industry where many of our products are used in offices and public spaces. If we look at products that are designed for displaying information, the need for digital signage that gives health recommendations and show what restrictions that apply in a certain area has increased a lot.

Remote working will most certainly live on even when we are all allowed back to the office. So, there will be new challenges and opportunities where we need to figure out how to use our office spaces when people are not going to the office every day of the week. Hybrid meetings and other types of collaboration with remote participants will be the reality in a much higher degree from now on.

How does SMS work to keep up with those trends?

Our good connections with distribution partners as well as other parts of the industry, feedback from customers along with close monitoring of tech trends enables us to focus on the right thing at the right time. All this information in combination with the creative minds at SMS and a focused long-term plan make us both quick to act on new trends and give us a direction to follow for the long run. When it comes to optimizing offices post Covid-19 we can also use ourselves as test subjects.

Can you share a prediction you have for the future of SMS?

I predict a bright future for SMS where we continue the path of delivering high quality, safe products with a design that fit in everywhere or can be customized to the customer needs. There will be a continuous work to stay relevant as the industry changes and SMS will for sure be a player to count on now when technologies like LED will be much more common for new installations. So wherever you need an image SMS will be there to help even in the future.